A tidy garden makes you feel better

Gardening services in Bradford-on-Avon by Dan

I am Dan. A gardener servicing Bradford-on-Avon and the surrounding area.

If you need a gardener to help out and you have a small or medium-sized garden you likely are on the right website.
As a freelance gardener (trading name: Dan's gardening services) I focus on maintenance.
The gardening services I provide are several, including the most common such as lawn mowing, weeding, hedge trimming and pruning.

Whether you need a one-off job or regular garden maintenance you can text or call me on 078 333 09527 to discuss your needs.
Usually, after a first phone call I come to briefly visit the garden and have an in person talk (for free).

I have some years of experience, I also worked as a gardener in a local Hotel and have satisfied clients in Bradford-on-Avon.

One of the things I noticed when finishing a job for my clients was that generally they felt relieved seeing their garden in a much better state. That is why I stated at the top of the page "A tidy garden makes you feel better". It is the same principle that applies when we tidy up our homes, it is one less thing to worry about and does give us a small sense of accomplishment.

Making a garden looking beautiful or maintaining its beauty benefits the client and it is something I find very satisfying.
An improvement or a complete transformation is what I aim at.
I am result-oriented and value delivering quality work! This involves carefully consider your expectations, being clear and honest from the outset.

I charge a reasonable hourly rate and I am insured (Click here to see the certificate).

If you think I can be helpful to you text or call me on 078 333 09527

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